What Others Say

2017 02 06a

You’re giving, supportive, encouraging, and accepting. You have a calming and peaceful presence. I was so blessed and lucky to have your love and support for my delivery…your voice reached me in a way no one else’s could’ve.                   -Jenne (Schenectady, NY)


The most important thing you did was to pray with us and keep God with us.  In the midst of a C-section (or any birth), it is really easy to be distracted and forget to focus and remember who is in control.  Because you were there, Dayton was able to be by my side the whole time – while you did all the small helpful things that still needed to be done.

Also, as I was looking through the pictures we have from immediately after the birth, I realized that we would not have them without you – thanks!  We don’t have pictures of any of the rest of our kids immediately after with us, and no parents & newborn only.  Thanks again, Abi!       -Jess (Albany, NY)


With three children of her own, I have seen Abi demonstrate a relentless work ethic and utmost commitment, as everything she does is motivated by love.  Looking back to when I was pregnant with my first child, Abi was a rock in my life that has no comparison. She was a proactive wealth of information, without ever being pushy. She was well-read in books about pregnancy, giving birth, and breastfeeding, and generously sent me copies of her top choices. Abi also talked with me about making a birth plan, and the exercise of creating one empowered me with a good idea of what my ideal experience would be when I went into the hospital, and gave me a voice with my caregivers. Finally, Abi was the one I was calling with updates while I was in the hospital, and it was a great comfort to know she was actively praying for me. She’s like this amazing, calm, personal cheerleader.

-Allison (Portland, OR)