What is the difference between a doula and a midwife?

The term doula refers to a woman who gives physical & emotional support to the laboring mother.  A midwife is medically trained and does prenatal appointments, delivers the baby, and monitors the health of the mother & baby postpartum.

Aka “labor support professional” or “birth companion,” a doula is a woman who serves.  To clarify a bit further, birth doula is a woman who supports a woman throughout pregnancy, labor, and delivery.  Postpartum doula refers to someone who helps the new family after the baby is born (cleaning, childcare, cooking, emotional support, breastfeeding support, etc.).

Are you medically trained?

Doulas are not medically trained.  We are, however, trained to support and encourage you, help with comfort measures during labor, listen to your wants and needs during pregnancy, labor & delivery.  Part of my job is to help you to become knowledgeable for the decisions you will need to make for your own birth.  I won’t make decisions for you.  I won’t give you medical advice.  The best gift that I can give a new mom is my unconditional support, no matter what decisions you make or how the birth goes.

What background/experience do you have that is beneficial to birth work?

Officially, I have been “doula-ing” since 2016, but I have always been a nurturer, whether it be for my own family, or helping/supporting friends in times of need.  My experience as a long distance runner is also beneficial to birth work (I ran many years of cross country and also completed 2 marathons).  Having a baby is hard work and takes preparation!  It is super important to have the proper preparation for your body, mind and spirit.

What are some positive comments made about you by other people?

That I am a true friend. That I’m giving, supportive, nurturing, encouraging, and accepting.  That I have a calming and peaceful presence, I am good at listening and give sound advice.

What are your services?

**New March 2023!! Body Ready Method®

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How will you support me during labor?

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What about insurance reimbursement?

**New for 2023!  CDPHP now reimburses for doula services (call to make sure the doula benefit is part of your plan).

Check with your insurance plan to see if it covers/reimburses for doula services. You may also be able to get reimbursed for doula services by your flex spending account.

Where does the name “She Gives Birth” come from?

It comes from the Bible in the book of Isaiah, chapter 66, verse 7.

Before she goes into labor,
she gives birth;
before the pains come upon her,
she delivers a son (NIV).

I receive a lot of my inspiration from the Bible.  There’s a lot about birth in there and it was not originally meant to be painful.  I like to think of birth as hard work, not necessarily as painful.

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