Cleansing Breath

This is the first of four breathing techniques that Teresa describes in her book, Birthing As Nature Intended (B.A.N.I.).

Teresa explains the cleansing breath on page 43 of her book:

To practice this technique, simply get into a comfortable position sitting, standing, or lying down, and just let your body relax.  With your mouth closed, slowly draw in a deep breath through your nose.  As you inhale, you should actually force your belly to expand outward so that the air is forced down into the lower lobes of your lungs first, thus allowing the overspill of air to fill the upper lobes of your lungs completely.  After you have inhaled all the way, open your mouth and exhale by blowing the air out of your mouth as if you were blowing out candles. 


Practice this two or three times daily.  This technique is beneficial for anyone, as it allows more oxygen to be absorbed by your body and also eliminates toxins such as carbon dioxide.  Eventually you will do it throughout the day without even thinking about it.

So, go ahead, relax and take a breath!

Relaxation Breathing

Labor Breathing

Pushing (Birth Breathing)

Van-Zeller, Teresa L. (2011). Birthing As Nature Intended (B.A.N.I.). Trafford Publishing.